December, 2016

24 Days of Christmas!

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Missed any of our Christmas countdown on Twitter and Facebook?

Look no further for the most up to date list below…


#Advent #10ToGo  – #10 Cycling Myths Uncovered

We don’t pay for the roads we use, we risk our lives, and we’re all sweaty… Myths about cycling abound among non-cyclists. Here are some rebuttals.


#Advent #11ToGo – 11 worst cycling kit blunders

We like to think of ourselves as pretty style-conscious cyclists here at Cycling Weekly. Of course, we’re not infallibile, but are still well placed to offer advice on the kit choices that should be avoided at all costs.


#Advent #12ToGo  – How To Ride A #12 Hour Time Trial

Before I started coaching in 1968 I rode in about eight 12hr time trials and since then I have looked after numerous riders of all standards in this event. I remember early in my coaching being told by a former national 12hr champion that the best way to ride the event was to use a schedule that kept the speed at a conservative level for at least the first 100 miles.


#Advent #13ToGo  – #13 Things You Should Know About Cycling

Riding a bike is an easy and fun way to get in shape.


#Advent #14ToGo – Beginner’s Training Plan: From 0 to 30 Miles in 14 Weeks

There’s no such thing as can’t. With TWC’s beginner’s training plan you’ll be cycling 30 miles in no time.


#Advent #15ToGo  – A history of cycling in #15 jerseys

Has the cycling team jersey mirrored the ups and downs of the sport itself? We look back at the last few decades to investigate.


#Advent #16ToGo – Best 16 Arizona Road Cycling Routes

Arizona cyclists voted in an epic social media battle to determine the best road bike rides in Arizona, and Mt. Lemmon reigned supreme, followed by Mt. Graham and Mingus Mountain. The longest climb in the state, Mt. Lemmon boasts an elevation gain of nearly 6,000 feet with one HC climb and two category-5 ascents all just steps away from Tucson. Thanks to all riders who voted in the Best Arizona Cycling Route Challenge.


#Advent #17ToGo  – #17 of the best international sportives to ride in 2017

With the clocks set back and winter beginning to tighten its grip, this time of year is when many of us take a break from cycling and don’t give much thought to the year ahead.

However, it won’t be long until we tire of sitting at home with our feet up and are itching to get out on the bike once again. As soon as the riding starts, thoughts may turn to what exactly we’re doing all this winter mileage for.


#Advent #18ToGo  – #18 Miles Per Hour – Universal Truths of Cycling!!

Do I even need to explain this? If you’ve even gone on a half dozen road rides in your life you know what this means. You pull up to a red light…you stay clipped in and pause…surely the light’s gonna turn…you track stand…any second now…wait for it…waaaaaait for it…nothing…so you relent, unclip, and as soon as your foot touches the ground, blink! It turns green. Son of a…! Is there a device buried in the pavement that reacts to your cleat? A magnetic trigger? Unless we dig up the street with a backhoe, we’ll never know.


#Advent #19ToGo  – #19 of the best smartphone cycling apps for iPhone and Android

Smartphones have revolutionised cycling. With more capability than the humble bicycle computer, the smartphone allows you to easily track and record rides, plan routes, keep on top of your training, and much more besides.

This is a list of some really useful cycling apps currently available. From navigation to planning routes and fixing your bike, there’s something for everyone here.


#Advent #20ToGo  – Our @ClaudButlerUK Blossom #20″ wheel girls bicycle

Our Claud Butler Blossom Girls 20″ mountain bike has an 11 inch frame


#Advent #21ToGo  – #Sustrans Route #21 – This route runs south from Greenwich out of London through Lewisham

This route runs south from Greenwich out of London through Lewisham (the Waterlink Way) to Crawley, and then via East Grinstead and Eridge to Heathfield and Eastbourne.


#Advent #22ToGo  – 22 Signs That You’ve Got A Serious Road Cycling Addiction

We’re not saying it’s a problem, but we both know it’s true…


#Advent #23ToGo  – Most road bikes come as standard with #23mm tyres

Narrower isn’t always faster – Contentious this one! Most road bikes come as standard with 23mm tyres, most come with 52 tooth outer chainrings. Both of these things are pretty useless for everyday road riding.



#Advent #24ToGo  – Check out the Grand Tour Cycling – London to Paris in 24 hrs

The Ride of Your Life! In 24 hours from London to Paris… simply amazing, and a life changing experience. That’s right! 24hrs to get to Paris from London – this is not for the faint hearted. If you’ve already completed the standard tour or if this is a box you need to tick off you can be certain of an experience of a lifetime (plus bragging rights). 65 miles on the English side, and then a 110 mile ride on the French side starting at around 4am in the morning… it’s a voyage into the unknown!

Tour De Yorkshire 2017 Route

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The 2017 Tour de Yorkshire will finish in Sheffield on Sunday, 30 April.

The event will begin with a 173km stage from Bridlington to Scarborough on Friday, 28 April.

Stage two see riders start in Tadcaster and go 122.5km to Harrogate, before ending with a 194.5km stage from Bradford to Fox Valley, Sheffield.

“I can’t wait to see the world’s best riders tackling these routes,” said Sir Gary Verity, chief executive of race organisers Welcome to Yorkshire.

“We’ve worked hard to design a course which showcases Yorkshire’s stunning scenery, as well as delivering a thrilling sporting event.

“Last year, the race attracted two million spectators and generated £60m for the local economy, and we’ll go from strength to strength again next year.”

The women’s Tour de Yorkshire will be held on the same stage as the second stage of the men’s event, with the women starting in the morning and the men in the afternoon.

This is the third edition of the event, which was started to extend the legacy of the county hosting the 2014 Grand Depart for the Tour de France.

Stage One: Bridlington to Scarborough (173km/107.5miles)

The race will start outside Bridlington Spa and head into Pocklington for the first intermediate sprint.

There are classified climbs up the Côtes de Garrowby Hill and Goathland before the race hits the coastline again at Whitby for the second sprint of the day.

The route continues on to Robin Hood’s Bay for the third and final climb and then into Scarborough for the finish along North Bay.

Stage Two: Tadcaster to Harrogate (122.5km/76 miles)

Starting on Tadcaster bridge, this stage takes the riders through some of Yorkshire’s best-known market towns.

They will venture into Knaresborough, where the first intermediate sprint points are up for grabs, and the day’s sole categorised climb comes on the fearsome Côte de Lofthouse before the descent into Masham.

It is then on to Ripon for the second intermediate sprint and the race will skirt Fountains Abbey before a fast approach to Harrogate. The action finishes along Parliament Street, just as it did on the opening stage of the 2014 Tour de France.

Stage Three: Bradford to Fox Valley, Sheffield (194.5km/121 miles)

In the toughest stage in the brief history of the Tour de Yorkshire, riders will start at Bradford City Park before heading into Saltaire.

The action briefly joins the 2014 Tour de France route at Burley-in-Wharfedale before passing Bolton Abbey and into the Yorkshire Dales. Skipton is the next town on the agenda, with the first of eight categorised climbs being contested on the Côte de Silsden.

The following ascent comes on the cobbled rise up Haworth’s main street and another climb at Leeming must also be tackled before they face the infamous Côte de Shibden Wall.

This cobbled climb could see splits form before the intermediate sprint at Clifton. The race then traverses from West to South Yorkshire and into Penistone, and another sprint is on the cards at Stocksbridge before the riders embark on a 22km finishing circuit that features no-less than four categorised climbs.

These come at Deepcar, Wigtwizzle, Ewden Height and Midhopestones before the race finishes at Fox Valley.