June, 2016

Cycle Route – 28th June 2016

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13.5 Miles


Ascent:  1332ft

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 14.13.58Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 14.13.54Elevation
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You can view an online map of this route here.

  1. Go up Pateley Bridge High Street and turn left opposite Kendall’s Butchers onto Church Street. Continue ahead and then turn right at the junction by the Church. Follow this road to Wath.
  2. In Wath as the road bends left, turn right on to farm track which climbs steeply up through trees. As you exit the trees take the left hand farm road and follow this obvious track for 4km alongside Gouthaite reservoir to reach Bouthwaite.
  3. Turn left at the road, cross over the river and meet another road. Turn left on this road and head through Ramsgill and continue on this road back alongside Gouthwaite reservoir.
  4. Go past the turning for Wath, and then 1km later take the right turn signed ‘Heathfield’ just before you reach the Bridge Inn. After 100m turn left signed ‘Heathfield Caravan Park’. Follow this small road up the valley through a series of caravan parks. Eventually it turns into a good stone track.
  5. Shortly after a gate there is a prominent fingerpost for the ‘Nidderdale Way’ on the left. You are now heading into the technical section – take care! Descend to a bridge over a stream. Opposite you are the old mine workings which the route zig zags through. At the top of the workings take the obvious track uphill. Go through a wall gap, keep on the track and then right at a track junction.
  6. Descend to swing right over a bridge, continue on and swing left over the next bridge. You are now on tarmac. Go up a short climb and then a long swoop back to Patelely. Get ready to brake as the main road has a habit of looming up. Turn left back to town.

Cycle Route – 20th June 2016

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Brimham Loop, Summerbridge

10 Miles


Ascent: 958 ft


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 13.50.40 Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 13.50.44Elevation

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 13.50.51

You can view an online map of this route here.


  1. From New York Mills turn right onto the main road and then take the first left onto a bridleway heading uphill. When you get to the houses follow the bridleway to the right and keep to the left hand track.
  2. Turn right on to the road, heading up the steep hill.
  3. Follow the road through Brimham Rocks for 2.5 km and then go right signposted for Warsill carpark.
  4. Follow the road for another 2.5 km, mostly downhill, through a section with a wood either side and once the road straightens out turn right on to a bridleway before the Gilmoor Food sign.
  5. Follow the track in a straight line to a farmyard and then turn left through a gate.
  6. Keep going in a straight line passing a village hall on your left and continue up a steep hill. Take a slight left, following the Nidderdale Way bridleway signs and continue on the track to a road.
  7. Go right on the road and then after nearly a kilometre take the first left, signposted for Hartwith.
  8. Just before some farm buildings 1km along the road turn right on to a bridleway and then follow the track until a turn off on the left on to a packhorse route, still following the bridleway. Be aware of walkers on this section. Follow the right hand wall line to 2 single gates. After the second gate head downhill following the left hand fence line through another single gate.
  9. At the end of the bridleway stop before you rejoin the road and go left. Go straight across the crossroads and before going over the bridge go right on to a bridleway by the river. Turn left to rejoin the main road. Turn left back into New York Mills.

Cycle Route – 6th June 2016

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Great Greenhow

25 Miles


Ascent: 2766 ft


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 14.30.57Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 14.30.53Elevation


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 14.31.01

You can view an online map of this route here.

  1. From the car park, turn left and then take the first left after the garage and ride in to Bewerley. Ride through the village and then take the road to the right, Peat Lane. Go up the hard climb and over the little bridge to the old quarry.
  2. Take the bridleway track to the left, and follow until it fades into a faint path across the moor (this can be very boggy after wet weather). Keep the wall close on your right, cross a stream, wind your way through, and eventually come to a gate on your right. Go through the field, past the farm house, and down the track to the road.
  3. Turn left, then first right (take care). Ride down the road, over the bridge and up the other side where you will come to a sharp corner to the left and a track through the gate to your right. Take this track, bear right at a junction, then follow the track for 6km (3½ miles) to a T-junction. Turn right, up the hill, and follow the track for 1.5km (1 mile) to meet a road.
  4. Turn right and take the road past Stump Cross Caverns and the village of Greenhow, and opposite the entrance to Hanson’s Quarry, ride down the lane on the left.
  5. At the end of the first straight go through the gate on the right follow this bridleway past Coldstones Farm and join the Nidderedale Way. Turn Left, and follow the along for 3km (2 miles). At the top of a long climb you join another track at a y-junction, continue forwards until you emerge over the old Merrifield Quarry and mine workings.
  6. Take care as you descend through the old mine workings. At the bottom cross the wooden bridge and go up to the track. Follow this track downhill. It becomes tarmac passing through a number of caravan sites. At T-junction turn left, and follow through Heathfield to meet main road.
  7. Turn left and ride along the side of the reservoir until you reach Ramsgill. Go through Ramsgill, over the bridge and take the immediate right to ride through Bouthwaite. At the end of the road turn right again and follow the lane to its end where it becomes an unsurfaced track.
  8. Follow this along the side of the reservoir, taking the right hand fork when offered. You will eventually climb above the damn, before turning right and descending a steep track and emerging in Wath.
  9. Ride through the village and cross the bridge, turning left towards Pateley and follow the road back past the High School