April, 2016

Cycle Route – 26th April 2016

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17.5 Miles


Ascent: 2628 ft



Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.02.51 Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.02.57Gradient

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You can view an online map of this route here.

  1. From the Dales MTB Centre, head up the road to Reeth. At Reeth market place take the road out to Langthwaite climbing steadily out of the village and over the cattle grid. 1km after the grid look out for a double track on your left climbing steeply up the moor. Follow this track above Riddings Farm and drop down to Thirns, turn right and take the next track on the right as it climbs steadily.  Follow this track and just after the wall on the left stops there is a crossroads of tracks – bear right towards a post and follow this single track bridleway as it climbs the side of Cringley Hill and then drops down to Fore Gill Gate – go through the gate and turn right onto the road.
  1. Follow the road for 0.5km and a double track bridleway is signed on your left – follow this as it gains even more height. Just before the top on the right another track heads off above some trees – take this and have a breather on the first bit of flat trail so far! Once past the trees look out for a rocky track on the right – this track is a zig zag descent through the hushes – its fast and loose with plenty of sharp stones to puncture on but great fun. This will bring you out onto the Langthwaite – Tan Hill road where you need to turn right.
  1. Go down the road and take the first road on the left, crossing Stang Bridge and then climb for about 2km on the road, ignore the first bridleway sign on the right and keep on until you see a double track on the right – take this and it rises steadily with cliffs on your left and a great view of Arkengarthdale on the right. After a short sharp climb the track forks – take the left to the top of Windegg Vein. Follow this track, the Moresdale Road, across the moor.
  1. About 1km after the shooting hut turn right on the double track and enjoy a short descent. The track regains a bit of height but then starts a steady drop to Schoolmaster Pasture – engage big ring and enjoy.
  1. Turn right on the road and take the tarmac to Washfold and straight on at the crossroads up to Hurst.  After some cottages on your right there is a gate on the left with a track climbing alongside some spoil heaps – take this up to another gate – once through the gate its a steady climb on a rough track across Marrick Moor to another gate. Go through the gate and enjoy the view before dropping down Fremington Edge – either of the tracks from the gate will get you down – rough to the left, fast to the right. Halfway down a gate stops the fun – just hang back from the fast one to give them chance to open it for you! The rough track joins tarmac but is still entertaining.
  1. Follow the road down through some trees and as the road bends left, turn right down a short boulder strewn trail where it comes out beside a house. Turn right and drop to the main road. If you parked in Reeth turn right and you will be there in a couple of minutes – turn left for the Dales Centre.

Cycle Route – 18th April 2016

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Studley Royal

3.5 Miles


Ascent: 315 ft


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You can view an online map of this route here.

  1. Head out of the car park, crossing the access road and cycling along the bridleway / path signed for St. Mary’s church. It drops and twists initially, giving the kids a bit of fun to start the ride with.
  1. Follow this safe and easy track all the way to the gate on the right, which leads into the deer park. Once through the gate, the church is on the left, whilst to the right, a path drops down across a meadow steeply before evening out. This is followed downhill to the deer park car park area (toilets here).
  2. At the car park, take the access road uphill to the junction, and turn right, then almost immediately left, onto a small access road. This is followed for a short distance until a small bridge is seen down on the right by trees. Follow the path down and across the bridge, turning immediately right once over the bridge and taking a gentle and short climb.
  1. As the climb eases of a junction of paths is met. Go straight down and through the trees at speed, as the path dips and turns to the right before falling down to the main access road by the deer park gate.
  1. Take the access road back up through the deer park, all the way to the small gate that you entered through earlier. Turn left once through the gate and head back to the car park and ice cream.


Cycle Route – 4th April 2016

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24 Miles


Ascent: 3891 ft

MapScreen Shot 2016-03-14 at 08.57.03 Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 08.57.09Elevation

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 08.57.15You can view an online map of this route here.

  1. Head up Howgill Lane past the playing-fields and climb about a steady mile on tarmac to a prominent brow. (Your own brow will probably be quite prominent by now). Take the bridleway on your right
  1. Now start really climbing. Zigzag up steep pasture, passing just to the left of the tiny peak of Winder.
  1. Follow the ridge up, up, and still more up, with just a brief respite of down before the last pull to The Calf.
  1. Gallumph down steep ground heading ENE but swing left to avoid the perilous declivity of Cautley Spout, instead dropping sharply into Bowderdale to the North.
  1. Follows the valley down on gnarly singletrack until you reach a small tarmac road.
  1. Turn right, and then take the second right just before the A-road.  Take the track alongside a copse to rejoin tarmac. Zigzag across farmland to Ravenstonedale.
  1. Gird yourself for the 2.5 mile tarmac climb to Adamthwaite.
  1. Take the bridleway on the left skirting the fellside before the descent to the Narthwaite.
  1. Follow bridleway down the western side of the Rawthey valley to Thursgill. Spin down to the A683 and roll back into Sedbergh.