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Cycle Route – 14th March 2016

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The Wolds

26 Miles



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You can view an online map of this route here.

Leave Driffield from Richardsons Ford garage on Westgate. Keep the garage on your right, then at the junction, turn left to soon reach a roundabout. Straight ahead here signed to York, Little Driffield and Garton. Not far to Garton on the Wolds, cycle through the village past the pond and phone box, then turn left along Station Road signed to Kirkburn and Norman Church.

Take a good look at this magnificent church with its superb Norman arches outside and the glorious painted walls and ceiling inside.

Continue along past the church to eventually reach a T-junction. This is a busy road, so turn right here with care signed to Goole and Kirkburn. Pass through the double bends, then take the right turn into Kirkburn. Dismount if it is busy for a safer right, turn when clear.

Cycle along through Kirkburn heading towards the church which is another fine wolds building. At the junction, turn right signed to Tibthorpe, then cycle along until you meet the crossroads at Tibthorpe. Go straight across here with care to continue through the village along Main Street into open country with grand views all round.

The road along here is wide and straight for about four miles ending at a junction. Go left here signed to Huggate and Pocklington.

At the next junction you have a choice, keep straight ahead if you are having a snack at the Wolds Inn, Huggate, if not turn left signed to North Dalton. More grand views as you descend towards North Dalton, keep straight ahead at all times until you arrive in the village. At the T- junction go left onto a good road but be wary of double bends and a slippery surface. In about two miles look out for a narrow road on your right signed to Bainton. Cycle along here through the quiet village to the main road.

Take care at the crossroads and go straight ahead along the appropriately named Dead Lane which leads to the church and cemetery.

At the end of Dead Lane, turn right along Church Street. At the church go left along Applegarth Lane.

A narrow, slippery road now with double bends taking you through Neswick Farm to a T-junction. Go right here over an old railway bridge, then soon turn left to cycle along past Burn Butts farm.

Enjoy the open countryside with good views all round, if you look to the left now and across the field you will see Bustard Nest Farm.

Turn left at the Wolds Cycling sign, then cycle down to Bustard Nest Farm, go right here taking care on these narrow, slippery roads still keeping an eye out for double bends.

Continue cycling along towards Hutton Cranswick passing TJ’s coffee shop along the way to soon reach a T-junction at the A164. Go left here to cycle along the main road with care to a roundabout. Bear right now, then left at the next roundabout to return to Driffield.

Cycle Route – 15th February 2016

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Driffield / Sledmere

28 Miles


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You can view an online map of this route here.

Leave Driffield on the B1248 towards Scarborough. In about one mile from the roundabout, turn right at the sign for Kilham to cycle along a wide, smooth road with good views all the way to Kilham village.

At the entry to the village, the road bends sharply to the right, leave the road here to bear left signed to Langtoft. At the T-junction go left again still signed to Langtoft. When you reach some large farm buildings on the edge of the village, bear left onto a narrow road following a sign to Cottam.

This is a long, straight Roman road which takes you over the wold top to descend towards the B1248. Go right here with care onto this fast road following the sign for Langtoft, then in a few metres turn left signed to Cottam. This takes you high onto the wolds once again past the old medieval village of Cottam and the Second World War airfield. Not much remains of either establishment today.

Grand views again as you cross the wold top to eventually reach a busy crossroad, go straight across here signed to Weaverthorpe and Helperthorpe.

Downhill now, then uphill through a collonade of trees, watch out for potholes along here, then after another descent and ascent you arrive at a Tjunction.

Go left now signed to Helperthorpe and Malton and continue along through Luttons to Kirbygrindalythe.

Turn left here into the village signed to Sledmere and Driffield. This narrow road goes left, then right before starting to climb again to cross another of these grand rolling hills, once past Squirrel Hall Farm the decent takes you into Sledmere with glimpses of the great house rising in front of you.

At the T-junction, you need to turn left to continue the route but before you do turn right to see the fantastic replica of Eleanor’s Cross, then return to continue your journey through the village of Sledmere and perhaps have a refreshment stop at the café on your right, or the pub a little further along, then continue through the village without deviation on the B1252 for a couple of miles or so until you reach Sir Tatton Sykes’ huge monument. Turn left here onto a narrow road which varies in condition with mud, grass and potholes to test your riding skills but it soon meets another road just past Sledmere Grange at a T-junction.

Turn right here along a narrow road called Garton Bottoms.

Keep on this road at all times ignoring others and follow signs for Driffield. Eventually you cross a bridge over the A163 as the road cosssntinues along into Driffield.

Cycle Route – 9th February 2016

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21 Miles

Medium (Busy Roads)


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You can view an online map of this route here.


  1. Leave town following Route 66 signs towards Stamford Bridge. Take care, this is a busy road with fast traffic.
  2. Turn right at first crossroads to Yapham.
  3. Go through Yapham and straight on at next junctions to Bishop Wilton. Go past pub and village green and at far end of village turn left at crossroads through Youlthorpe and Gowthorpe.
  4. At end of lane turn right towards Stamford Bridge. This is a difficult turn onto a busy road – take great care.
  5. At Full Sutton keep straight on past prison and turn right at next junction to Stamford Bridge.
  6. In Stamford Bridge, turn left at church. Continue to High Catton and turn left at crossroads.
  7. Turn right at next junction and follow Route 66 signs back to Pocklington.
  8. Take care when turning right on to main road and on the busy road back to Pocklington.